John Muir High School

Reunion News for the class of 1961

What an event!!! Our 45th reunion was the best one yet. We are already thinking up ideas for our 50th. If you have ideas or would like to help out, please let us know. Ideas and volunteers are most welcome. Just fill out the form that is at the bottom of every page and we'll get the information.

Guess who came to dinner

At this point we only have the names of those with reservations, but we'll have the actual attendees up shortly.

If you can't remember some of the names (who can?), take a look at the yearbook photos of attendees.


Friday & Saturday Friday Only Saturday Only
Jill Shafer Stasiek Pati Daniele Susan Clayson Fox
Joyce Maywether Paul Ellmore Blaine Allen
Terry O'Donnell Jon Northrop Susan Summers Brubaker
Donna Reed Munoz Rich Kievman Vivian Long Lousararian
John Nese Victor Hart Joyce Hirano King
Bernard Peralta Gloria Fernandez Vacio Carol Lewis
Art McKimsom Lester Grant Arlene Fine Kovalivker
Trina Vorwerk Karol Don Smith Frank Virgallito
Roger Norquist Gloria DeJohnette Barbara Haas Baker
Jack Setian Amamda Smithson Karen Cockrell Gosnell
Junso Ogawa Jim Yundt Linda Dillinger Knutsen
Helen Miller Walsh Steve Smith Brad Mandler
Richard Pursell Peter Rutishauser Judy Swanson Moraga
Dorothy Pipkin Jocelyn Baum Ted Hancock
Rich Robinson Bob Kuhn Keith Setzer
Ken Martinez Frank Noda Bobbette Aiken Marschik
Diana Mugnaini Robinson Jon Devirian  
Beverly Shaffer Strother Lee LindaDillinger  
Stu Russell Steve Kreck  
Jim Stanbery    
Richard Snyder    
Elise Stevens Richardson    
Jane Millar Wood    
Lorraine Reed Willams    
Thomas (Toby) Scott    
Dorothy Payton Williams    
Larry Tharp    
Patricia Magoffin    
Cheryl Alexander Peralta    
Marcia McIntire    
Tom Sellers    
Sheri Raatz Sellers    
Jane Hyde    
Ruth Kremers