John Muir Class of 1961

Notes On This Site

Privacy Policy

Sites like this are targets for spammers, identity thieves and other cretins. Because of this, we do NOT list anyone's email address, home or work address, phone numbers or other personal data on the site. Normally, we will reply to a request from someone who says she is a classmate if she wishes contact for ONE individual. We will give the person you are trying to contact your information and request permission to give you that person's contact information. We will not provide contact assistance for multiple persons.

If this policy is not adequate for your circumstances (if you have been the target of a stalker, for example), please let us know. We'll honor your request for privacy. You need not give an explanation.

Because of privacy issues, we do not provide email links to the committee, either. So, if you want to contact us, please use the email address at the bottom of every page. We'll reply via email.

Ways To Help

If you own or control a website, please consider putting a link on your site. Google and other search engines will give a higher ranking to sites that are linked to by many other sites. A higher ranking will help the missing classmates find us.

Also, we are having trouble finding decent pictures of a mustang that aren't copyrighted. If you've taken any and are willing to donate to the cause, please let us know via the comment form and we'll email you instructions on how to send them to us (spammers prevent us from publishing our email address here -- they'd find it). But PLEASE make certain you own the copyright on the pictures.

Site Donated

This site is provided courtesy of classmate, Thomas "Toby" Scott. He purchased the domain, maintains the website on his server, provides email support, designed the website and maintains the content. Whatever you don't like, he did it.